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Sage Circle of Excellence Winner Q&A – Jennifer Desiar

Tell us about your career up until now, starting with why you chose this profession.

“I love Math, basic Math though lol! I am a graduate with a double major of BS Commerce in management and accounting in the Philippines. After graduating from college, I was employed as an accounting assistant. Life is hard in my country, so I took the chance to work in Hong Kong for 1 year as a housemaid with a dream to come to Canada, become a permanent resident and then go back to my accounting profession. There’s so much to talk about:). in 2008, I arrived here in Canada working as a live-in nanny (that’s the only way I could get permanent residence before) of course holding that only one dream that someday I will go back to my accounting career. With hard work, positive attitude, perseverance and of course financial budgeting (single mom who took short term Sage accounting courses during the daytime, while working at night:), I got back to my accounting career in 2013, as an office employee of a successful pipeline company. I love working with people and numbers but at the same time I love family time. Last year, I decided to start my own company as COVID times meant I needed to be with my child fulltime. Right now, I am working part time (4hrs) in a company in the morning from 9-1pm and I work at my accounting bookkeeping company from 2pm onwards plus I am doing some online schooling at night. My new goal: Getting my CPA certification before I turned 50 years old 🙂.”

How do you enjoy your time outside of work?

“I am a trail runner and I go to crossfit/gym fanatics as early or 4am-5am 4-5x in a week. (Please check my IG—lol!). I did the Canadian death race twice already (I am aiming that in the future I can do the 125km run in 24 hrs). I registered myself for 3 marathons this year. I love nature (mountains, lakes, fresh air) so if I am not running. I am hiking with my son and dog.  REASON: bookkeeper/accountants sit down minimum of 8hrs-10hrs a day to do paperwork or staring at the screen, the only way my brain works and survive that everyday routine is to get my exercise early 🙂.”

Tell us about the clients that you serve, which industries they operate in and explain your approach to working with them and helping them achieve their desired results.

“I have a variety of clients- restaurants, RMT, spa, trucking, mechanical, counseling, subcontractor pipeline, consulting, cleaning services etc. Most of them are recommendations from my previous co-workers, bookkeepers that I worked with in the past, friends and people who saw my truck (have you seen my truck? 😉, most people say it’s a good advertisement) people at my son’s hockey games, swimming etc. Since most of them are recommendations, the trust is there already. Great communications is the key. I tried to meet them once or twice a month to explain what’s going with the business and that by having a coffee date or going to their home.”

Have you migrated many clients to the cloud? How did you find the process?

“A staff member in Sage helps me a lot with this, we just transferred I think 20 clients to cloud a month ago. I am working with other 15 or more to move to cloud :)”

What impact did COVID 19 have on your business? What guidance did your clients need during this time? Did you need to pivot or adapt your own business during this time?

“I just started my business last year and I’m proud to say here in our town, businesses never slowed down. We are always busy which is good. I always try to meet my client once/twice a month to discuss almost anything and always try to help them the best I could.”

How does it feel to be recognized as an award winner in your industry?

“I can’t explain how AMAZING it is:) HUGE THANK YOU for recognizing us. Still can’t believe it.  I was speechless when Mark from Sage called. Fort St. John is a small town compared to big cities that are listed in the finals. This is a ‘good karma” for working hard all year. Thank you! Thank you!”

What advice would you give to the next generation of students considering a career in bookkeeping or accountants?

“Focus on your dream and at the same time enjoy and have fun in whatever you do. Be kind. Be thankful. Balance life!… in short- don’t be BORING!!!”


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